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New Customer

I was one of the first to try this oil. If anyone knows me, you know how I am about my hair. I am picky about my products. Listen when I tell you, I put the oil in my hair every day and night. I used my bottle so fast. It's the shine, the smell and the way it keeps my hair looking like I just got it done. My hair and my edges are growing. This oil is amazing!


New Customer

I'd like to share the 3 week hair growth.

My baby experienced a bad hairstyle/stylist and it took the lower portion of her hair OUT! 

Lakesha with her hair growth oil is what repaired and restored my baby's hair! This product is all natural and it smells so good.



New Customer

I'd like to share a testimony by two different people that I have purchased Empress hair growth oil for,

(I apologize for not providing pics due to privacy.) One person is my mother who had battled hair loss due to many health issues and medications. She started using the oil about 2 weeks ago now and has noticed some areas already getting itchy from new hair wanting to come in.

My daughter is another person that had some patches that was falling out due to tyes of hair styles that was pulling out her hair. She has also been using the oil for about 3 weeks as well and has already noticed the small hairs coming through. The smiles on their faces means the world to me. Their self conscious will regain along with use of the Empress hair growth oil. All natural products that works wonders. Thank you.


New Customer

Results from a 4 month period of using the

Empress Kay oil.

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